Where in the wide world can man find nobility without pride,

Friendship without envy or beauty without vanity?

Here where grace is laced with muscle, and strength by gentleness confined.

He serves without servility: he has fought without enmity.

There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent;

There is nothing so quicknothing more patient.

The past has been borne on his back. All our history is his industry:

We are his heirs,he our inheritance.

Ladies & Gentlemen The Horse.


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Tel 01698 791554     hooves-and-paws@hotmail.co.uk    Mobile 07876243291

Established 2004

Regularly inspected
& approved by
members of SEA         
Licensed by South Lanarkshire Council,
We are pleased to providing services to
Councils,Community Education
& Additional Support Needs
Main streams Schools
Work experience & Award Schemes
SVQ, ABRS, Testing,
Training & Qualifications
Available at Hooves and Paws
Please see Diary Dates & News Page  for all updates

Make a difference
go to
www.ILPH.org/makeanoise/petition.html Make enough noise to make a change
stop cruelty in any form
Governing body for Equestrian Sports in Scotland
Association of British Riding Schools
Longest established riding school
approval scheme (Established 1954).
Hooves and Paws Users Group.  Scottish Charity SC041059 Dec 2009 H-PUG web page. Charity-Users Group .
Supporting access & continuity of  access to therapeutic riding
If you wish to visit us you are welcome but to ensure someone is available to attend to you we ask that you make an appointment. To contact us by phone please call 01698 791554 the land line is not always attended, by mobile 07876243291 for bookings or 07748706572 for enquiries  Please use mobile number on a Saturday as the land line is unattended
Please only contact us by phone or text within business hours which are between 8.30am & 7,30pm Thank you

Set in a quiet picturesque location this family run riding school offers continuity of teachers & trained teaching assistance in a safe stimulating learning environment. to get map directions go to google map & type in Hooves and Paws in the search box
Are we the right riding school for you?

We provide recognised progressive, measurable education in riding,
horse care & management, we are a training testing & exam center for ABRS
Our Instructors are all qualified UKCC Coaches Our classes are not mixed ability
Our policy is & has always been to teach without artificial aids such as whips & spurs

We ask all new clients to complete a registration form which also sets out our terms & conditions of service. With a view to your privacy & comfort your first lesson with us is always private, you will have our undivided attention to experience riding for the first time or discuss experiences or aims

Riding Lessons are available for all ages & abilities
Individuals, Schools, Groups, Stable Management
Industry recognised, certificated progressive
Stable Management & Equitation training programs for Adults & Children from age of 2yrs
Wibbaly Wobbles class under 5yrs
Adult & Junior Development Work Shops
Short Treks.Vaulting classes,
All day Holiday Activities, Pony camp for the day or for the week,Fundays,Saddle Club,Yard Shows
Miniature Horse Birthday Pony parties
We provide tailored services for Adults & children with Additional Support Needs
NB also see Charity page

If your child is here for the day's activity we ask parents to ensure they have an emergency phone number on them, adequate food, drink & clothing re weather changes inc protective sun cream. Please ensure you check them in & out with a member of staff
For your safety, enjoyment & to comply with our insurance  suitable clothing must be worn; long sleeved top, full length trousers, boots with small ½” heel (no flat track soles or trainers), riding hat to safety standards PAS015, BHEN1384, ASINZS38381998 or SNELLF2001 Please note failure to comply with suitable clothing guidelines may result in refusal to provide service
Our supporting Charity has hats in most sizes to loan, we ask for a £1 donation on each occasion you use one
If you would like a to find out more about the
ABRS Training, Award & Qualifications available
to you & for all ages, please go to abrs-info.org
click on Exam Material
then click
ABRS Test pathway to ABRS Examinations
Go to Diary Dates & News Page
for whats on! updates,
Holiday Activities
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"Their is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of Man."  Sir Winston Churchill
Contact details   
NOTE our Booking number has been changed 11/09/15
Bookings 07531187581
Enquiries 07748706572
Office 01698 791554   NB not always attended Office hours 8.30am to 7.30pm
Please do not ring or text outwith thease times
East Hazeldean Farm. Stonehouse. Lanarkshire. ML9 3PF
For the attention of all clients & visitors
Bio security has been increased on the Farm due to increased  Equine health risks in this area, precautionary measures are being taken & It is vital you comply with these measures for the health and welfare of our horses.
Fun activities for both adults & children though out the year & the holidays including Mother's Day, Farther's Day. Easter weeks,School Holidays,October week & Christmas week. Pony Camp 10am to 4PM for the day/week, during Summer Break includes sleep over.
Miniature Horse Birthday Parties, Groom the miniature horses, dress them up in party outfits, go on a pony ride & have your Birthday tea at the farm
Please contact us for info on any activities & special offers we run throughout the year.